May 23, 2020


Greetings NDCC Family & Friends,


As you have recently heard, we are getting prepared to re-open our physical church doors on Sunday, June 7.  We are looking forward to worshipping with you in person again. We continue to cover our ministry and your families in prayer. We ask that you continue to pray alongside us as we reopen.


In this time of Covid-19, however, there are some things that we need to pass on to you.

We believe in the Almighty God, who has all power and control over our lives and this virus. While we are practicing faith over fear, we know the Word tells us to respect and honor our government leaders (Romans 13:1-2). Therefore, we are doing all we can to prepare for anyone who would like to return to in-person worship. 


We wanted you to know that we have not stopped cleaning our facilities since closing to the public. We have continued our regular cleaning routine and added additional measures to keep our church family safe.


The following items have been purchased for our facility:

  • Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispensers 
  • Extra Kleenex ,soap, cleaning supplies,etc. 


New Day will continue to seek out purchases that will help us maintain a safe and clean environment for our congregation and guests.In addition to our cleaning practices, we ask that you please keep in mind the following guidelines:




If you or a member of your household is not feeling well, please stay home.  While this policy is being implemented in the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, if you are not feeling physically well for any reason, please do not attend a New Day service. 


The practice of staying home when sick or exhibiting symptoms is the best way to protect you, your family, and church family. So, we recommend that you join us for virtual worship until you are feeling better.






The Center for Disease Control (CDC) now suggests that COVID-19 symptoms can include but are not limited to: fever, persistent cough, difficulty breathing, difficulty swallowing, vomiting or diarrhea. 


If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should not return to in-person worship at this time. Please consult with a healthcare provider about your symptoms. In Tennessee, you are also able to contact a COVID19 hotline or receive testing. Please go to for more information.


Likewise, be sure that you can honestly answer “NO” to all questions below before you enter the church. 

  • Have you tested positive for COVID-19 and not made a full recovery?
  • Have you (or someone in your household) come in close contact with anyone, who has tested positive for COVID-19 during the past two weeks, or 
  • Have you (or someone in your household) traveled out of state or internationally during the past two weeks?


If your answer is “YES” to any of the questions above, it is recommended that you do not return to the church building at this time. Again, virtual service is available, for anyone, who cannot attend in-person.





The CDC recommends anyone, who is a part of a vulnerable population, to use additional caution and judgement when returning to public settings. The CDC has indicated that anyone with an underlying medical condition and everyone age 65 and older may be at a higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19. You can go here for more information.





  1. Upon entering our sanctuary, there will be touchless sanitizing stations available. We are requiring everyone who attends our church to take hand sanitizer upon entry. Even if you just applied sanitizer or washed your hands prior to entering our building, you will still need to use the church’s hand sanitizer.


  1. New Day is not requiring or providing masks to our church family and guests. But, you are welcomed to wear your own masks. If you are in need of a mask, TN Health Departments are providing free masks. There are appropriate ways to wear a face covering, so please go to the CDC website to learn more.


  1. There will be printed signs throughout our church that will encourage best practices to take while in a public setting.


  1. Remember, staying home is the most important course of action, when you are or feel sick. If you begin to not feel well or feel that you are exhibiting signs of COVID-19 during the worship service, we ask that you kindly exit the building.


  1. We will not have worship bulletins passed out at this time. Be sure that you are signed up for New Day’s text services for the latest updates and announcements. New Day members can text LOOP to 931-771-8503. New Day visitors can text FRIENDS to 931-771-8503.


  1. Please be aware that social distancing may not be possible with all of New Day’s worship activities, you are welcomed to wear a face mask or consider alternative forms of participation.


  1. If you would not like to participate in our normal in-person giving procedure, you are encouraged to use CashApp for your giving ($newday38401).


  1. Although the altar will be open, laying of hands will be restricted until further notice.


  1. Please do not be offended if anyone does not want to shake hands, hug or be touched.  Should you and another individual agree to embrace, waves or elbow bumps are alternatives to consider.


  1. We will not be conducting any second services in the building until further notice. Empowerment Hour and First Sunday Night Service will not take place as physical events but may be rescheduled virtually. Our current meeting offerings will be:
          • Saturdays at 5 pm – Starting November, 21
          • Wednesdays at 7 pm – Starting March 2021


  1. We will not be hosting any refreshment or meals after service until further notice.



Remember, we are a loving church and should not take offense to anyone practicing caution as we begin having in-person services. This is new to everyone, so we ask that you respect everyone’s personal space and extend grace to all. 


Please note that we will continue to update you on any changes to New Day’s Re-Opening Plan. We encourage all to regularly check the websites of the CDC and Tennessee Department of Health to learn more about COVID-19 and how to protect yourself.


This is not a mandate for you to come back to in-person service, but this letter is to let you know that our doors will be open to the public once again. If you are in doubt about returning, our recommendation is that you continue to seek the Lord in prayer and review guidance from vetted health organizations and/or your primary care provider.


 If you do not feel that this is the right time for you to return, you are encouraged to please join our Facebook Livestream and continue your giving through CashApp. Please don’t forget about our Blessing Box, if you or somebody you know stands in the need of food.


Once again, we are blessed to be restarting in person worship.  We are looking forward to fellowshipping with you in the midst of the Holy Spirit.



Pastor Marcus K. Duke & First Lady Shannon Duke








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